Maisy Wiki

Eddie showering Maisy.

Eddie is an elephant. He is 9 years old who is friends with Maisy. Unlike the other main characters Eddie does not really wear clothes, he is kind hearted and enjoys the outdoors, trumpeting and cares about his friends. He never lets his size stop him from having fun. When something doesn't go his way, he can always count on his friends to help, whether he scrapes his knee or helping him find an instrument to play. While it is never shown where he lives, he is able to fit into everyones home.


  1. Pool
  2. Bus
  3. Party
  4. Parade
  5. Fair
  6. Clouds
  7. Fleas
  8. Mess
  9. Shed
  10. Circus
  11. Lemonade
  12. Ouch
  13. Eggs
  14. Follow the Leader
  15. Umbrella
  16. Squeak
  17. Cards
  18. Hide and Squeeze
  19. Footprints
  20. Bubbles
  21. Sky
  22. Mountain
  23. Go
  24. Chocolate Cake
  25. Toot Toot
  26. PiggyBack
  27. Tennis
  28. Hats
  29. Telescope
  30. Band